Tuesday, February 2, 2010


“You expect too much from me ,why don’t you understand I am not that capable ,I am not ambitious ,you are supposed to stand with me in my tough times ,why are you pushing me to do something which I don’t want to ?it drummed in my ears with a sound of call getting disconnected ,it was an acclaimed fight ,the first serious one which left me sleepless whole night .Nishant was angry and I was too because he had no time for me.And I didn’t know what steps should I take to make him understand that I was still with him, loved him as a part of me.

Two months back when he was over loaded with files and orders ,I was the one who used to wait for his giggled laughter on the phone ,his jokes ,his dreams but then he never called and every time he did he was too tired to speak ,so I decided to save my soldier in distress cause I knew he was not happy being organized ,he is a maverick ,a real piece who loves to travel ,take care of his men but not the kind who have orgasm doing a computer work .So I made a aggressive plan to see what he can do best ,what powers he hold and why he is married to Indian Army .

So I started my evaluation and research on captain Nishant, I went back to take a look at the old NDA pictures, his medals ,his tremendous victories and his worst failures .I started talking to his fellow class mates of NDA and IMA ,who were close to him and well I came to know lot many amazing and crucial things about my captain sahib ,I came to know that he was never good with grades ,he had a trouble memorizing stuff and that’s why he used to do badly in some courses in NDA, but he did understood everything ,he had this amazing vocabulary to write stuff ,I saw many his video’s where he was hosting and introducing NDA at the same time ,he used metaphors in his sentences which is a huge thing because it takes a good know-how to frame them, but he was amazing .He even put me into shame when I came to know that he was a good writer and a very romantic one ,after I read many of his fabulous works I was taken back by the passion which will compelled any body who will read his stuff to fall in love.

His roommate told me he was a great singer and showed me some pictures where I saw this radiant young man who was holding mike in his hand and everybody in audience where in Déjà vu, I look that a man in picture was happy, content and free .He looked similar to the man I love but there was a huge difference that mine had lost the zest in life, had lost faith in me .He was trying so hard to keep me happy that he forgot his own happiness.I knew I have to make them meet, the man in the picture and the man who was growing too fast.

After few days when I was sitting on my balcony, I looked at my computer in my room which was displaying all the pictures of nishant and what I saw left me perplexed, I saw picture of him in boxing ring where he was proudly standing with instructor after winning the match, he doing a marathon race, climbing, shooting and what left me feeling stupid was that the man who I was in love with was one of the best runners of NDA and one of the best lot of commandos , what hurt me the most was that all this was unknown to me.He was a strong man who loved to fly, rule spread his wings, he has this fierce attitude to live life .If somebody asked me why I think he will make a good soldier ,I would say he is fearless and is not afraid to die .

He was relegated just because of his one mistake and that he was afraid of water, these were his failures and that’s why he got disturbed so many times. Before opting for army he madly and whole heartedly applied for Air force where he got missed because of some little error. The day I found out all this I had tears in my eyes,I imagined standing there when all this was happening and the poor kid came out every time a minute late in his swimming round ,getting scolded by his instructor with a sad gloomy face sitting alone on the NDA ground when all his course mates passed and he sat in his room wondering what he did go wrong .I could feel the guilt I wanted to take the young boy in my arms but I was not real I was not there but what was comforting was that I was his present and he wanted my help, he would never say it but that’s what soul mate does carry another one in the hard times, in between the silence’s ,I heard him calling me.

so what I did was collected all his winning pictures and the happy times where I saw that young wild looking creature with Whom I had fallen in love with once in hope that he will see what I have for him in my mind. I dispatched the post and called him on the same night, he was too busy with Co sahib, I ordered him to give me his minute which he did and I said “after twenty years I would love to be a journalist wife”, and kept down the phone .I knew that he knew what I meant and who will be the journalist?.

I didn’t mention my cunning thoughts nor did he ask me about all the picture after he received the post .After a month I was walking down the staircase of metro station when I got a call from him, he just said one line and I had the most mischievous smile on my face, he said “Niya, I am gonna apply for NSG”, I just answered saying “sure honey”....