Friday, July 9, 2010

FOR YOU ......

In my selfless mode I found you

Ever and ever waiting for me …
The young bride was I,
When you were call upon by fate to fight for the land that u took pride.

How I remembered you telling me of my duties of a daughter in law
And how you said that you have found the best wife...
I know you wouldn’t have able to go when I would have cried
So in the dawn you left with a letter, giving me hope for new life

Every day that went by I tussled with my thoughts
Praying to god to keep you alive..
Every phonecalls, overshooting voices heard and felt through my ears
Whenever you called to hear my voice

Made me selfless inside.
When people talk of love they smile
But when I sing of it, its fill with your praises
On how proud I stand as your wife...
Nobody knows the pains I took, the dreams I overlooked
And the wishes I get stumble upon

Its today when I see you coming through the great mighty doors of soared land
With the lost emotions of loosing young men,
With victory promising on your face
And the cuts that tells me how death have you embraced

I feel like a book of folded mysteries
Of great epics and powerful cemeteries
Today when I see you standing in front of me
With pleasure of looking at me

I now understand meaning of love
Of being a soldiers wife and a young men’s wealth
I am your faith and your hope,
It’s all that you carry with ak-47 when with troubles you get enrolled.

So I now see, of all the world’s greatest ecstasies
You loved me and you made me
So I now carry a graduate degree, a blackcap and a coat of scholarly, and
Honey I am coming home, with all the dreams of yours to make it a better world