Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My heart felt a fleeting happiness
Don’t have an idea what I have done till twenty
Pony and a pimple face I have grown to be stunning and curly
A girl who had little friends and no boyfriends
A girl who never went to prom with a beautiful dress
A girl who had a car which used to stop every 5 mile, which was useless and dirty
A girl who was an angel of her mother and who never did anything smutty
A girl who though was fat but still was lovely
A girl who laughed more and never was seriously troubled and jerky
That girl has grown up a lot, little you will remember her

She steps out of a Bentley today, long curly hairs and smoky eyes
Twitched lips and a soft face, no smile not a sign of happiness
She walks and makes men pee in their pants and make them tremble
Successful and cunning, people look threaten

Now she wonders and looks at the present, a little red box
She returns from her thoughts, and gathers courage to open it after all
Finds a letter, small and beautiful handwriting is scribbled in their
And a name called boo-boo, her childhood and sweetest friend.

You lost your smile and you have lost the zest of life
What happened to the laughter and habit of you getting wet in the rain?
How did you forgot me and what happened to old summer home memories
Live your life honey, this is the only life you will get and leave everything unrest

Diamonds precious of all fall down from the eyes of the pretty woman
And she finds a Christian cross and bunch of lilies with three musketeers’ book
Her old car keys and pictures of her jumping in dirty pond
Her blue torn jeans and old Bryan Adam concert tickets and a doll.
And most precious a chubby guy and picture of she in his arms.

Meet me near that old Tony’s coffee shop, in next 10 minutes
She takes of her heels and runs out of meeting of strange looking faces
Sweating and breathing heavily she didn’t knew she was still silly
And there he sits in turtle neck black sweater and rugged jeans, surprised
How can he become so damm gorgeous?

And she finally smiles, finally has got back her life
Didn’t I told you I will bring you back from the devil land that you have crossed
If you are their, my heart happens to sing and when you go, there are no lyrics to play
She smiles and little did she new, looking at him
That somewhere down the lane fairly tale happens to be true.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Love I found today, where I stand I see the stories of greater day
I see people falling in love and out of it, but I also see people
Living and dying for somebody else dream.
I have learned the value of love,
I have seen the lover’s wait for the festive mate

Every heart wishes and its love which can make you understand about it
Every heart has questions only to find the answers in their own self
Every heart want to follow only one has to look for that one star which shines so bright
When you love somebody he becomes your life, World doesn’t matter,
What matters is how well the picture of somebody recites in your heart and your eyes

Love is like a dance, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t know the tune
Nor does it matter if u can dance or not, it’s a stubbornness, it a matter of do or die
You follow your heart and look in his eyes, and if love is strong you will dance
Though people will laugh at you first, when you will stumble or fall
Just close your eyes and look at him ,and you feet will fall with a rhythm of the song

Love never condemns, nor is it the feeling of falling
Love is when you sit beneath the crescent moon in the October skies
And hold her hand to tell her how love never dies
Love is when you let her sleep, even when your arms are hurting
Because you are too afraid that she will wake
And you don’t want to break a mystery
But she still wakes up to ask you baby does it hurts?

Love is when you get a call in middle of meeting
Someone tells you your Mercedes has been bumped, and,
Your girlfriend is in wheelchair it seems
You run like mad, the feeling of loosing chokes your chest and you can hardly breathe
There she sits with weepy eyes and you smile and sooth her out of all absurdities
But she still says “I am sorry, please do not stop loving me”.

Love is when you get a card to meet her in central park
And you reach on time, just to make sure if she is fine
You are standing n middle of hundred beings and you find her looking like a goddess
You can’t believe when your name is called, it’s a first launch party of her new book
Your eyes move to display stand and you are shocked to see you name.
You are still confused; somebody tells you the name of book is you.

You turn around only to feel her standing very close to you and she say’s
My book is about love, and its you who taught me to rise above
You never yelled or shouted at me, you always wished to god to make me happy
If this is the last life, I will fight for one more
And so today I give you a gift, I have inside me a smaller you
I wish he has same eyes and a same smile, and he will be
Our symbol of love , a sign of how two people can make one right.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Best Friend

I called you ten times you were out of reach
Have you got any explanations for me?
I just got 3 $ in my mobile thought,
To ask you “how have you been piggy?”

Conversation have been real fun,
It’s like hitting your head on the wall
Fiery heart and brutal talks and sometimes corky gossip of all
Most torturous and illusive female talks

“I think it’s a frog”, no it’s a tadpole
That’s what I mean, yeah in your dreams
I think he has a big one, no I think he has a small
But don’t they say, size does not matter at all

I cough, I vomit, I get sick and with tears in my eyes
I say what if this is the last day I will live
And she smiles and with a radiant shine on her face
She says “then leave your black dress and your earrings babes”.

She will take me out for lunch and will add carry your purse
I make some faces and ask her “why should I”,
“Oh come do as I say”, she drags my hand and sweeps me away
And like a puppy she gives me a look
And shifts a bill of 200$ and says “pay the bill fool”

Well we fight and most of the times
Swear ourselves right that till our death
We will not see each other face……..
Then you get a call and an order to open the door
And there she stands with two coffees in her hands.
And you know that everything will be all right
When I will need her most, like an angel she will make things right
If I have to define our friendship
Then I will say mutual stupidities and our madness
But if I have to define her, then,
She is my life, my soul and my BEST FRIEND


When we were small we had dreams
As weird as they seemed
Stars seemed so bright and Cassiopeia made us smile
The first bike or unwrapping the presents made us blush a while
Optimistic we all were, cause falling was never a trouble
We used to race the moon and ride the nights,
Life shined as the Christmas lights.

Then came the love of my life,
Blew my heart and left me to die
Then love went and left, me and life alone
Christmas said "goodbye” and "Halloween" said "hi".

One day life went for a party met Trouble, Despair and Anxiety,
Got drunk a lot, and "oh, my dear life " was ruined badly
I remember we cried that whole night
And then my life said to me “you don't know how much I love you, and
, someday I'll change too.

I will kiss you, kick you and hold you tight.
. You may not feel my presence sometimes,
Because you may be in my arms, my lovely pride
But you will have to promise something to,
, that no matter what happens you will live me too.

You will get me the stars and reach for the sky,
With strength and endurance as your amours,
To save you from fright.
But if u ditched them they will leave your side

And then I asked my life, the truth that exist behind him,
, and he smiled and said “some people have said that life is good
And some quote "to battle with life”,
Some cry and some get amused.
But I was never anybody's enemy,
I am a savior, I am a teacher, I am a pivotal.

You came newborn to every milestone of journey,
My journey, a life’s journey
Which are full of sorrows and hardship.
, but happiness too is one great feeling you have to fight for.

People say love life, but their is one thing about love that’s true,
When you love somebody you love his demons too,
You fight with the winds and u race the night
You die but with your head held high,
And you do all this just for love

So my dear baby have faith in me too
'' Love me like your lover, cherish me too
You once laid down your heart for a guy.
Take a chance and lay down your love for life too

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

.............YOU ARE MY GIRL.............

“You are my girl”,
I remembered how you smiled and said
When I was afraid to step in a jet plane,
How many times we used to fight cause
I couldn't put your socks just right.
I loved watching u sleep and,
The way u said "baby 1 more min please'.
I loved the faces u made
When every time I kissed your face.

But now that you have gone leaving me alone’
The moment I awake the same hope beginsThe hope for a call or a letterAnd even though I still have several months to waitThere's always the miraculous hope of hearing"Beautiful” I'm finally coming home"

Mornings are more tough cause
I hate to wake up without you,
My eyes begin to tear,
As I look at my soldiers faded jeans
And I just crave for your feel ,I cry my heartout

I hope you know that I never meant to hurt you
Though I don’t wear stars on my shoulders,
But I am a soldier too.

I'm not the one who fires the weapon,
who puts my life on the line But my job is just as tough.
I'm the one that's left behind

Nobody knows the anxiety I choose
Everyday to turn into never ending day
And I pray hard to god to keep you safe,
Cause I am a soldiers girl and I wanna stay thatway


Oh! Looks she walks and makes Angels shock
Her smile so kind, she makes this world divine
She shudders and twitches, you can’t move away in inches
She cries and makes you feel your whole world demise

Like a sunshine ray she falls on you, and,
You wonder if this world can be so true
She can win you back, and brandish with any unseen fact
She can even make god feel full of shame and tortured of all.

She was born with fortune of luck
She can break her heels and still usurp a throne in seconds
You will take out a sword and she will speak
And my dear friend you will loose a war and regret it in your dreams

Look around everywhere you turn, she goes
You can try to escape, but there is no place that she don’t know
She has a magic technique, when she sway she makes you weak
With those hungry eyes she will hold you down on your knees.

Listen to her, as she master the trait of reminiscence
You will walk ten mile and she will cross hundred
You will shout and she will whisper
She will walk in your room and make you go out of your own home,

When her lips meet yours ,sweetest poison of all
She will lay you down and rock you forth
And then you will know how it feels to soar above the deep blue skies
Or to proudly walk down the fiery earth.

Man-eater,devil worshipper or witch is she called
Lady ,madame and mademoiselle is she opted for
Mesmerized,shocked and hunger they leave the men
And in very simple words she is called woman.