Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Oh! Looks she walks and makes Angels shock
Her smile so kind, she makes this world divine
She shudders and twitches, you can’t move away in inches
She cries and makes you feel your whole world demise

Like a sunshine ray she falls on you, and,
You wonder if this world can be so true
She can win you back, and brandish with any unseen fact
She can even make god feel full of shame and tortured of all.

She was born with fortune of luck
She can break her heels and still usurp a throne in seconds
You will take out a sword and she will speak
And my dear friend you will loose a war and regret it in your dreams

Look around everywhere you turn, she goes
You can try to escape, but there is no place that she don’t know
She has a magic technique, when she sway she makes you weak
With those hungry eyes she will hold you down on your knees.

Listen to her, as she master the trait of reminiscence
You will walk ten mile and she will cross hundred
You will shout and she will whisper
She will walk in your room and make you go out of your own home,

When her lips meet yours ,sweetest poison of all
She will lay you down and rock you forth
And then you will know how it feels to soar above the deep blue skies
Or to proudly walk down the fiery earth.

Man-eater,devil worshipper or witch is she called
Lady ,madame and mademoiselle is she opted for
Mesmerized,shocked and hunger they leave the men
And in very simple words she is called woman.

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