Thursday, May 7, 2009


When we were small we had dreams
As weird as they seemed
Stars seemed so bright and Cassiopeia made us smile
The first bike or unwrapping the presents made us blush a while
Optimistic we all were, cause falling was never a trouble
We used to race the moon and ride the nights,
Life shined as the Christmas lights.

Then came the love of my life,
Blew my heart and left me to die
Then love went and left, me and life alone
Christmas said "goodbye” and "Halloween" said "hi".

One day life went for a party met Trouble, Despair and Anxiety,
Got drunk a lot, and "oh, my dear life " was ruined badly
I remember we cried that whole night
And then my life said to me “you don't know how much I love you, and
, someday I'll change too.

I will kiss you, kick you and hold you tight.
. You may not feel my presence sometimes,
Because you may be in my arms, my lovely pride
But you will have to promise something to,
, that no matter what happens you will live me too.

You will get me the stars and reach for the sky,
With strength and endurance as your amours,
To save you from fright.
But if u ditched them they will leave your side

And then I asked my life, the truth that exist behind him,
, and he smiled and said “some people have said that life is good
And some quote "to battle with life”,
Some cry and some get amused.
But I was never anybody's enemy,
I am a savior, I am a teacher, I am a pivotal.

You came newborn to every milestone of journey,
My journey, a life’s journey
Which are full of sorrows and hardship.
, but happiness too is one great feeling you have to fight for.

People say love life, but their is one thing about love that’s true,
When you love somebody you love his demons too,
You fight with the winds and u race the night
You die but with your head held high,
And you do all this just for love

So my dear baby have faith in me too
'' Love me like your lover, cherish me too
You once laid down your heart for a guy.
Take a chance and lay down your love for life too

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  1. hey... nice one...
    loved the line: "You came newborn to every milestone of journey"
    keep it going!