Sunday, May 10, 2009


Love I found today, where I stand I see the stories of greater day
I see people falling in love and out of it, but I also see people
Living and dying for somebody else dream.
I have learned the value of love,
I have seen the lover’s wait for the festive mate

Every heart wishes and its love which can make you understand about it
Every heart has questions only to find the answers in their own self
Every heart want to follow only one has to look for that one star which shines so bright
When you love somebody he becomes your life, World doesn’t matter,
What matters is how well the picture of somebody recites in your heart and your eyes

Love is like a dance, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t know the tune
Nor does it matter if u can dance or not, it’s a stubbornness, it a matter of do or die
You follow your heart and look in his eyes, and if love is strong you will dance
Though people will laugh at you first, when you will stumble or fall
Just close your eyes and look at him ,and you feet will fall with a rhythm of the song

Love never condemns, nor is it the feeling of falling
Love is when you sit beneath the crescent moon in the October skies
And hold her hand to tell her how love never dies
Love is when you let her sleep, even when your arms are hurting
Because you are too afraid that she will wake
And you don’t want to break a mystery
But she still wakes up to ask you baby does it hurts?

Love is when you get a call in middle of meeting
Someone tells you your Mercedes has been bumped, and,
Your girlfriend is in wheelchair it seems
You run like mad, the feeling of loosing chokes your chest and you can hardly breathe
There she sits with weepy eyes and you smile and sooth her out of all absurdities
But she still says “I am sorry, please do not stop loving me”.

Love is when you get a card to meet her in central park
And you reach on time, just to make sure if she is fine
You are standing n middle of hundred beings and you find her looking like a goddess
You can’t believe when your name is called, it’s a first launch party of her new book
Your eyes move to display stand and you are shocked to see you name.
You are still confused; somebody tells you the name of book is you.

You turn around only to feel her standing very close to you and she say’s
My book is about love, and its you who taught me to rise above
You never yelled or shouted at me, you always wished to god to make me happy
If this is the last life, I will fight for one more
And so today I give you a gift, I have inside me a smaller you
I wish he has same eyes and a same smile, and he will be
Our symbol of love , a sign of how two people can make one right.

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