Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My heart felt a fleeting happiness
Don’t have an idea what I have done till twenty
Pony and a pimple face I have grown to be stunning and curly
A girl who had little friends and no boyfriends
A girl who never went to prom with a beautiful dress
A girl who had a car which used to stop every 5 mile, which was useless and dirty
A girl who was an angel of her mother and who never did anything smutty
A girl who though was fat but still was lovely
A girl who laughed more and never was seriously troubled and jerky
That girl has grown up a lot, little you will remember her

She steps out of a Bentley today, long curly hairs and smoky eyes
Twitched lips and a soft face, no smile not a sign of happiness
She walks and makes men pee in their pants and make them tremble
Successful and cunning, people look threaten

Now she wonders and looks at the present, a little red box
She returns from her thoughts, and gathers courage to open it after all
Finds a letter, small and beautiful handwriting is scribbled in their
And a name called boo-boo, her childhood and sweetest friend.

You lost your smile and you have lost the zest of life
What happened to the laughter and habit of you getting wet in the rain?
How did you forgot me and what happened to old summer home memories
Live your life honey, this is the only life you will get and leave everything unrest

Diamonds precious of all fall down from the eyes of the pretty woman
And she finds a Christian cross and bunch of lilies with three musketeers’ book
Her old car keys and pictures of her jumping in dirty pond
Her blue torn jeans and old Bryan Adam concert tickets and a doll.
And most precious a chubby guy and picture of she in his arms.

Meet me near that old Tony’s coffee shop, in next 10 minutes
She takes of her heels and runs out of meeting of strange looking faces
Sweating and breathing heavily she didn’t knew she was still silly
And there he sits in turtle neck black sweater and rugged jeans, surprised
How can he become so damm gorgeous?

And she finally smiles, finally has got back her life
Didn’t I told you I will bring you back from the devil land that you have crossed
If you are their, my heart happens to sing and when you go, there are no lyrics to play
She smiles and little did she new, looking at him
That somewhere down the lane fairly tale happens to be true.


  1. Very nice one... Keep up the good work! Regards.

  2. "that somewhere down the lane fairy tale happens to be true" ':)' a smile that it left to me is all i can pour as a comment here! it was sweet and touching!
    keep writing and god bless!