Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Best Friend

I called you ten times you were out of reach
Have you got any explanations for me?
I just got 3 $ in my mobile thought,
To ask you “how have you been piggy?”

Conversation have been real fun,
It’s like hitting your head on the wall
Fiery heart and brutal talks and sometimes corky gossip of all
Most torturous and illusive female talks

“I think it’s a frog”, no it’s a tadpole
That’s what I mean, yeah in your dreams
I think he has a big one, no I think he has a small
But don’t they say, size does not matter at all

I cough, I vomit, I get sick and with tears in my eyes
I say what if this is the last day I will live
And she smiles and with a radiant shine on her face
She says “then leave your black dress and your earrings babes”.

She will take me out for lunch and will add carry your purse
I make some faces and ask her “why should I”,
“Oh come do as I say”, she drags my hand and sweeps me away
And like a puppy she gives me a look
And shifts a bill of 200$ and says “pay the bill fool”

Well we fight and most of the times
Swear ourselves right that till our death
We will not see each other face……..
Then you get a call and an order to open the door
And there she stands with two coffees in her hands.
And you know that everything will be all right
When I will need her most, like an angel she will make things right
If I have to define our friendship
Then I will say mutual stupidities and our madness
But if I have to define her, then,
She is my life, my soul and my BEST FRIEND

1 comment:

  1. nice poem, it really describes friendship well funny, naughty but also true.