Saturday, April 25, 2009


I find you in my arms other night
While you were sleeping I was listening to you in quiet
It’s amazing how your breath falls in my ear to prove my ecstasy
How I know life without you will be incomplete serenity.

I am scared and so afraid to fall in love
Will you think I am weak when I tremble when I speak?
Without you I am like a fool
Look I am laying my heart in my hand for you..

I live my life like living in a snow hill
Where hasn’t been sunshine to touch my soft heart?
I lay down at night to find you in these stars,
I talk to moon about you and me.

I wonder if ever god has fallen in love and know the pain
I wonder if my lord ever cries and flinch away
I think he is unaware, that why he took away you from me
And told me to let you go.

I shudder and wake up to find that it’s only a dream
Only to find you more troubled and soothing me.
You do understand that I love you?
And don’t ever think I am unhappy with you..

Baby I know I am gonna be with you forever
You just seem to fit in my puzzles
When you kiss me, I know you love me
Somehow you took the world from my shoulders.

I see today standing in front of this faraway ocean
Only to feel you holding me tightly from the back
This gentle breeze playing with my curls, and
This moonlight towering above us,
To make us cupids in this play called love.

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  1. Loved ur work... nice words... keep up the good work...!