Wednesday, April 15, 2009


They say I am a complicated wreck
I am selfish and unsuccessful brat
I use them and I play them around
I am a rotten apple and a greatest clown.

They ask me if I have an aim
If I’ll be rich and a big tycoon someday
If I’ll ever leave home and pay back the worth of my stay
If I’ll be like other daughters and leave them today.

They punch my heart with their words
I have been a notorious girl
I can’t cook or sew the shirt
I don’t know how to quarrel with my servants

They said you are women
Your only job is to lay down and get beaten
You bible should be full of adjustments
You should reproduce and grow them

They said not to raise my voice
You should not stand for your paradise
You should get married and grow old
You should touch your husband feet and call him lord

Then I say I care less if you call me madwoman
I was send by god to be worshipped not condemned
I will cut my hairs and wear the paints
Just to prove my existence and be a freedwoman.

I will die as a martyr and will worship my own self
But I will not be a woman of exhibitions
I will also walk this earth as a sadist
To prove my worth in this man's world.


  1. Nice piece. I like it. It's touching, honestly...HAts off to you.

    Take notice of the following:

    Line 5: "They ask me if I have AN aim".

    Line 13: I believe it'll be better if u use "They say you are A WOMAN", or still, "You are WOMAN". But it's your poem. So u surely have your own poetic style & freedom, right? :)

  2. thankyou Stephen ,ur comment was so valuable that i am gonna take care of it and thanku for taking some time to read.bless u .tc