Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two people hand in hand, stars in their eyes, like a song moving together, rhythm divine and assuming everything is a paradise….. “Have u ever seen them?”, look closely they are all around .Have u ever been in love?, it’s a torture .Their are phases off course ,first phase when everything is wondrous and magnificent ,when you are all jittery and happy and you can’t stop smiling ,you sing love songs to each other ,you wait restlessly for a day to end ,so you can run to each other arms ,fall in those deep passionate kisses and tell everybody what miracle it is to be two, and you are the one giving advises to your single friends .

Then comes a second face, it’s a time when angels fly away, for women this phase often never arises but for men, this is a very casual affair. Honestly, it happens to both of them, when code of color fades away and relationship starts looking like X-rays, where faults of each other starts looking like a disease .Poisonous words starts replacing those passionate deep kisses ,suddenly saints turns into devil’s ,choking your heart ,your head and yourself.

And finally the third phase, now here comes a twist. There are two kinds of people …one, who loose heart, and other who work miracles .Love is not to be questioned or something to throw stones at .Its an art which teaches a person to believe in word called destiny. In west, there is a popular habit of people writing their own obituaries

You see there are two kinds of people winners and losers. In a small corner of everyman’s heart there is a loser, it depends on a man how badly he needs something and also a realization of sacrifices he needs to do to be a winner .God gave everyman the same structure, the same heart, and the same opportunities. But some of us misuse, misplace things and miss all the chances which can make our life more beautiful. That is why this third phase occurs in relationships.

I know a woman who was a blessed child ,never bad to anybody ,she was a angel ,believed everything and everybody ….and even if her faith got bruised ,she still use to smile .I have seen her in love and how she lost her passion and her hope with no fault of her own and that woman is me.

Thinking about those wonder years when I was in love ,I knew nothing could take that away from me .I did everything ,so that those phases never comes but they did .But I never lost my patience ,I never cried ,all I did was try. And one day when I woke up, there was lull around, and I found myself alone in my bed and remembering all things happened with me. Well I will let you discover nice thing about me ,I am very self dependent person, and sometimes it happens that it becomes my negative quality, and I happen to be a person who makes her own rules ,i mean when I was working, I was about to get promoted ,but i had stupid fight with my boss which by the way could have been resisted by me ,but I choosed to quit ,so while i was at my shift ,I came out of his cabin ,collected my stuff ,smiled at my co-workers and left. I was out of job for two months, I didn’t had any money even to eat, which was very bad .suddenly at that moment everything froze and suddenly I came to know what true friends are, which were none at that time. All I had was love and it also decided to leave me by sleeping with my best friend I was petrified, exhausted and with no hope .there were people in my life criticizing me, punching me with my mistakes on my face, I was being beaten down. But deep down somewhere in my heart I knew that this was not the end

Well what I really want to tell you is that, the third phase in my relationship really told me what life was, and it made me see my winners side. After spending so many nights and feeling sorry myself, I decided to carry on .I decided that I will not crumble or lay off and die .I choused to survive

I was not going to write my tragedy but just for now ,I decided to stop my tears and follow the bumps of my life ,I started to count to ten ,packed my bags and then I changed, I went back joined my college ,filed for my masters........................in all I grew up. This is unusual because I used to be a very naive kind of girl ....................now I can write a book on life........

They say bad things happen to good people, all you need to do is let go of your troubles and never regret over your mistakes. And if someday love decides to leave you, don’t get afraid, hold your head up high. Ask yourself “if you are in or out”? Leave your hopelessness aside .Its all right there is a beauty in breakdown.

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  1. i like it...da way u have expressed ur thoughts..
    simply splendid...