Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Women In Me

If you think I can’t do it, think again
I can look ugly but you don’t damm change
If I call myself a feminist, let that be
Shout for my rights and stand by me

If I am an hour late, let that be ok
But you better be on time, if you want me to stay
I can change my mind million times
But you better say “yeah baby, I like that way”

Love me still, even if I had a bad hair day
And call me thrice, telling me how you missed me today
Let me drive your car, without
Telling me “woman you are driving all wrong”

I can eat and lick my finger,
Without you telling how ashamed you are of it, by the way
If I cry don’t tell me I am wining
Cause baby I am a woman, and I am suppose to be that way

Don’t betray me to sleep with my friend
Don’t you dare tell me I am dull?
I happen to have stick for you
Whenever you need me in a way

Respect me and love me for who I am,
Not what you want me to be.
Don’t compare me with your ex-girlfriend
Cause I was born with different realities.

I was molded by God with very soft clay
So to be touched very softly and to be swayed
I was given heart of gold
And fervor of serpent

I got rotundity of moon,
And curves of creepers
I got the glances of deer’s
And timidity of harem.

I have got warm glow of fire
And coldness of snow
I was given by god, to be cherished
Not to be thrown.

I have got my heart set,
And if not interested leave today
You have 5 minutes to watch me leave
Cause I have to go long way.

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