Sunday, March 1, 2009

Women:The Toxic Kinds

Women do funny things and I have done so many things so many times. I am a curious female and kind of which are hard to understand, but that doesn't mean we are, please don't think that, but yes we are corky. And it has been my privilege to have my best moments with my girl's who have been amazing. So dedicated to all the women I know and who have walked with me in my life.

Some women are heartthrobs, they have special way of looking when they are in love with you, they fill up every corner like they're born in black and white, they are the kinds you will like to flaunt, and take them to dinner.

"You really can't deny it, they are who they are. They're pretty normal, not that smooth type. They run into things, they trip, they spill food. They say stupid things... they really don't have it all together...
Hope is all that they have ,either they are in or out ,if you think they will die without u or drink poison ....think about it again ...cause these women believe that their is a beauty in breakdown, they are like phoenix ,a kind who will dress up in black silk skirt and white linen shirt. through which you can easily catch a glimpse of white knitted bra she bought months back ,knowing that it will come handy someday, your ego will be badly bruised and she'll end up getting a promotion and a raise. They know just what u are about, if you tried to hurt them ,they will take your heart out and press it with their feet like u stub you're cigarettes.....there are special terms used for these women like bitches, man-eaters and corky, even crazy.

Anybody can recognize them ,as symptoms are easily recognized at a very early age .Well thanks to their mom's ,they are dressed up like boys, they are the back benchers which doesn’t mean that they don't like to study ,its just that somehow its hard to understand why one plus one is two. And why they were not their when Albert Einstein actually came up with explanations to mathematical problems.
They will always look cute even when they are sweating like pigs, and they have a habit of forgetting most important moments like their mom's birthday or the shopping bags they may have left in a taxi or to turn up in their best friends wedding, where they happen to be the one of the bridesmaid, but their acts are often forgotten or forgivable. For them their is no word called rules, or resolutions, they know about them cause everybody talks about them.

You will find these women in coffee shops sitting with a cold coffee with three scoops of ice-creams and a chocolate donut (smiling) reading cosmopolitan while other's babbling about how there diet is not working.

In offices they'll stand strong with an attitude, when other's are crying and wondering and complaining about how sick their life is and how sick their boss is, you will find this woman in a ladies washroom vomiting in a urinal, and when she think she is ready, she'll freshen up with a lipstick, a perfume and with a sexy smile on her lips .

Other times she will be sitting on a sofa watching romantic films and if her man decided to come at that very moment, he will love what he will see; she'll have watery eyes and will be blushing, damm! You would won't to kiss her.

And if you decide to leave her anytime, she will let you go, without giving you a second look ,because she knows you will be back ,and when u do ,she will kick your ass ,so better not go back.

She is not an angel nor a devil, though she hate Eve or falling in for temptation of eating forbidden fruit, guess she haven't done that we would still be in heaven, but apart from that fact ,she loves you ,she will make you feel as if you are walking on clouds ,she will never burn your breakfast until and unless you make her very unhappy .She is a kind of a women who will not disturb you with excessive perfume but yes your mind would be captivated by her character and sense of wonder .

She is a woman hard to get ,maybe a nightmare sometimes, but a god's favorite child who get what she want and what she deserves at a right time ,guess that's why they say that Women is a sweet poison....when taken can give u toxic pleasures.

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