Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'll follow you and make a heaven out of hell,
And I'll die by your hand which I love so well.
William Shakespeare

This love story head back to the time when both our hero and heroine were self obsessed and were mastering the art of orkut and gmail, both were new to social networking site and both after the lot of embarrassments learned how to send mails and also how not to send scraps to themselves in their own scrapbook which was meant for others …..

Both our hero and heroine did see each other’s profile number of times but there was no attraction which could make them realize that how they were meant to be ….after six months of excitement then came a time when orkut fairy came to rescue of two most weird people...before I can continue from here I should tell you the conversation between the God and the Angels and Satan…….

One day when god was busy eating grapes and telling stupid jokes to all the angels and was busy laughing, a dwarf came running to him

Dwarf: Oh my Lord, the baby is due for tomorrow and the lady is in great pain, and we have the best baby boy and its time to send him down to the earth …..

God: (with stubbornness) The fairest dwarf, I can’t send him, he is made of all good materials and only the best could deserve him ….he is the angel…born to change the world.

Dwarf: But my dear lord, we have to stop delivering babies cause we have serious defects in the baby producing machine and to make the best we are indeed in need of a good material…..this lady who is suffering with the labor pain has lived her life with troubles and dismay and if you let me suggest …he is born to be her dreams and her ray…

God : {God had tears in his eyes } ok my fairest dwarf ,I think you are right ,so I say now once and for all send my dearest baby to earth and let him change the face of the world, I will always be his side ,and he will be blessed with what he will ask for …….

But little they both new that after nine months their will be most horrible storm and the mating of good and evil spirit which will sure change the face of both heaven and hell.

After the nine months the tragedy happened son of Satan fell in love with the angel of god and gave birth to 60 baby females who had both good and evil side to them, the most beautiful and sexiest were these little babies, born with a Halo above their head and a tail …God and Satan decided to meet, and were destined to send these 60 baby females to the earth because if they didn’t they could have threatened both heaven and hell.

But their fate was decided “They will only be able to live happily if they happen to fall in love with the babies of God” , and the day came when they were to be sent to the god Venus for her to teach them the tricks and trade of the humans and the gods, after these 60 baby girls were ready they will be parcel to the fairest women of all ,God and Satan blessed them with good and devil spirit , these sixty baby females were destined to be difficult and have difficult times they can have ,they became the protectors of good and evil spirit on earth.

Coming back to the present, our Heroine was one of the babies in those 60 baby females who were protectors of good and evil spirit on earth and our Hero was son of God born with the greater powers. They were never destined to meet but history had to repeat itself and so they met by the efforts of POGE (PROTECTORS OF GOOD AND EVIL), our very own heroine she had more guts and through the help of orkut fairy they promised to meet in Piccadilly…..

Nish and Niya and had a great time though they belong to different worlds ….they had a same blood …time came for the angel Nish to go away but niya was the confused one ,had some good side to her ,she had to say “thank you” and she ran back to the station where he was supposed to go away forever ….but Fate had something on his mind so he had to send the cupid to make them fall in love …they looked in each other eyes and felt familiar as they belong together ………..

Nish the son of God did manage to do everything right and the Niya (POGE) managed to do everything wrong ,but one thing was true she was their to protect him always ,to never let anything bad happen to him ,she was born witch and she was the one who was destined to protect him too….and she promised to take away all the happiness from those who ever tried to hurt him badly ...she was in love with the blessed son of God and through the time …Nish the son of god was shocked and surprise to know that this little creature who he has fallen for had a beautiful Halo above her head but also had a Red fiery tale which he knew was hot and not to be touched …the signs were clear she was not good with direction as no Venus kids are, she had talking eyes and the sexiest smile ,and she stood apart from the human crowd ….

Niya (POGE) knew something has happened she has changed and first time her moves and her expression were being read, her conscious was being merged with him, nish knew her inside out and before she could react he was their to protect her from the difficult times and unseen faith, it was tough to see in his eyes which could make anybody feel more alive, the truth was she was falling into him….

She was first time in fear to love him and she didn’t realize that she loved him and this love was born with fear…

There's magic when we hold hands

When you slip your fingers into mine

the memory always lingers…………..

There's magic when we stare at each other

with no words spoken at all

The fire always burns…………….

I'm your tricky wand

And you're my magician

Please wield magic with me always

This is not the end of he story but just an introduction part, the one who is writing this story has just had the power cut, I think I am being haunted by the evil spirits but who cares,,,, But as I write this I can see the beautiful morning where birds are telling this story to each other and where leaves are whispering the secret of love in each other ears, I’ll be back with the magic of love and with the whole story ……………………

But to believe in what I say you need to believe that FAIRY TALES COME TRUE

Will be continued…

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  1. I can see the conception of an interesting Novel here...Good Great Going...