Friday, July 31, 2009


I have visions in life and sometimes my imagination outrun my mind; I must be the most beautiful, outrageously illogical and downright manipulative women who possess the magical power of making people think that female vampires are alive.

My boyfriend is a perfect guy the most eligible bachelor who knows all the right reset buttons to switch on in a women ,he is the most smartest guy who enlightened me about the fact that Bangladesh is not a part of India anymore ,I mean bullshit 10 years of my life I wasted on drawing a map with those little pencil crayons that I used to snatch from my brother’s drawer …….what happened to India ,what am I going to teach my kids that “hello ,children’s ,your mommy don’t know if Kashmir exist and if we are still allow to paint Arabian sea” ,I get sad over a fact that my India is getting smaller day by day. At the age of 20 I came to know that Nepal was never India’s part, but hey it was not my fault my mom friend used to bring this cheap cosmetics and she didn’t even needed a passport to cross borders ,how was I suppose to know that ?. anyways the point is that my guy is just perfect and I don’t see any flaws ,so it gets tough for me to find one ,cause I like irritating him and watching his eyes getting squeezed and he wrapping me in his arms and saying “sorry sweetie for you being born this way”, I love his sarcasms and the way he look into my eyes and that twitching smile and the same question “do you know who is the president of our country niya”, oh my God ,I wrote in my general knowledge paper some three years back when Abdul kalam Azad was our president ,I wrote Man Mohan Singh and sometimes I cant sleep with this fact ………anyways the point is that when you find a man who just smiles when you give him all the dumbest reasons to roll on the floor and laugh your ass out ,and he just kisses your forehead and then goes to bathroom and you can hear him laughing in their not in front of you for half an hour

All right my most embarrassing moment; my Capt .sahib who I love madly once asked me to wear his combats which I may tell you was my idea, I watched top gun and also this ‘A’ grade movie where they do ‘it’, I mean the female was wearing combats and those heavy boots ……what I mean to say is that I wanted to see ,how would I look in combats ,so I decided to wear it .After 15 minutes of shouting “yepeeeeeeeee nish,I’ll finally will see myself as a soldier and how sexy will I look ” something bad happened ,all right though the jacket fitted me ,oh no I cant lie I’ll tell the whole truth ,I wasn’t able to wear the last two buttons of jacket “oh fuck, that happens when you eat lot of chocolate pastries to swallow your emotions and that’s the truth and the virtual fact which happens with every women. Does it not?, anyways years of reading those cheesy cosmopolitan articles and those self help operas book which says “that women should be confident with those belly tires and how to hide scales under the beautiful gowns and the most important thing which these garbage’s teach us is self-confidence, so I was very confident that at least I’ll be able to fit into the pants .but “oh, what the ‘F’ ,breathe niya breathe ,try don’t give up ,you have to wear these pants”, OH MY GOD ,I started crying why let me see ,I think ,how should I say this ?,I think nish waist is 28 and mine 32 ,I was so sad that I just sat on the urinal ….what ,oh no ,how am I going to show my beautiful face to him? ,and suddenly he yells “niya don’t try if it doesn’t fits you ,you will ruin my combat ,I have to wear it in my office”, it felt like somebody has thrown pin wala bomb on me (the one we see in movies that green one ,WHATEVER),anyways after seeing the chocolate brownie which he ordered to cheer me up ,as the dog watches a bone ,I stood their swallowing my own saliva, he said “don’t worry when I will come in next leaves I will get “FAT”(what the hell is wrong with THIS guy ,I am not fat ,I am just healthy…WHATEVER) and then you can wear my pants ,when a man says that ,

For women small thing matters like a man she loves telling her ,his debit card pin number ,I know PIN NUMBER OF nish too strange how women can by heart some 4 numbers as if her life is based on it, “yepeeeeee,that means he really love me”?. ANYWAYS …..ENOUGH OF STUPID BAKWAS , I was just wondering what love is ?(the devil laugh)……..(oh fuck,I have spend all 1500 bucks which he gave me to pay his net connect bill,(giggle and devil laugh both ,let see how my love ,I mean nish takes it …….hehehehehehehehe….COOL