Monday, June 22, 2009


Do you ever wonder why he didn’t call or drop by after the first date? .Have you ever liked a guy so much ,where everything went well after the first kiss and inter course of 10 minutes ,but he left and you wondered what went wrong? You are sexy, gorgeous and go getter but why he didn’t call then? Well mistakes are sometimes digestible but regrets and stupidity are not .Make sure next time you don’t regret and don’t do things mentioned below .cause doing this will only make you cry while taking a shower ,

Pink would have looked well on you...You are not his stylist and he don’t need a fashion check from you.

How are mummy and daddy? (Uncle and auntie are fine).This can make a guy run for his life, doesn’t matter how beautiful you are .

You look slim ……… your health okay? Take proteins and eat butter ….He is your date; don’t try to be his mom

Never talk about your ex boyfriends….guys don’t like it and it ends your chances of a next date

Be a listener and smile more …let a guy speak his mind too, this can give your dream date a kick start.

Be yourself laugh more, talk but think before you speak ,give yourself a chance to know more about him .He will genuinely like you and in the end you will be upgraded too.

What does your dad do? This is such a silly question sometimes asked on purpose and sometimes out of desperation …really turns off the guys.

If a guy appreciates your beauty, say “THANKS”, answer like “yeah I know, my friends says I look like Katrina kaf”, this is really cheesy and shows your bias affection to yourself.

If you really like this guy and picture yourself in wedding band..Please don’t show on first or second or third or fourth…date. I think there are other ways of making guy fall over you ,telling him would add you to his harem list and he will be ready for his next hunt. The word women have exercised a special magic spell, be sexy, be sure and be a devil with a Halo above your head…you will make a difference.

Two beers ,four normal glasses of red wine,8 breeze’s and two vodka can never make you so much drunk to make you talk rubbish or act like you need help from a guy. The guy would love it, will take you to bed, will have fun and will leave in the morning never to step on your door again .So my dear ladies be smart to know where to draw a line and even after many drinks when It gets to hard to walk on your heels, don’t stop .Walk slowly and move away from him after saying a goodbye. Sleeping on first date is strict no-no, hasn’t worked for lot of people.