Friday, March 5, 2010


A very famous Punjabi marriage song was being played on high pitch near my ears and I was in severe headache wanted to run out but then my cream embroider dupatta was being pulled by a woman who was giving me the killing looks, exactly the ones where your eyes seems to pop out and you look scary and she was none other than my hell bent mom urging me to listen to another weary looking lady who was a mother of too much excited bride.

At a distance was sitting a bride all dressed in blood red lengha surrounded by all the loud friends who looked more cheerful than the bride herself as if they had find there own prospective men. Enjoying the enthusiasm of the too much decorated bride all the old women were humiliating the bride with the cheap first night humors. I on the other hand was devastated and shocked to even listen about the man genital part and how they were giving advices how to make the groom happy .Among one of them even tried telling me how good it will be when I will meet my dream man. I wanted to run or vomit on that irritated looking woman but I could only smile and wish that this night would end.

Suddenly they were excessive noise of all fat and thin women shrieking and pulling each other to dance on a number which was again some stupid bollywood song implying how the women went to sleep on a bed and got bitten by Scorpion. My mom was also too happy and doing the same old step which I have seen her doing for almost twenty years of my life and suddenly she realized to embarrass me so she shouted my name and every women present in the room was ready to revolve around me and threw me here and there.

After two hours of smiling idiotically and listening to my mom about her favorite topic of how imperfect I am, came another punch on my stomach when every mother of every girl present there came to tell my mother about the expertise of their daughters, one was telling how her daughter can wash 79 cloths in three hours and can speedily make 25 dishes in 1 hour. Other was telling my mom how her daughter has decorated her own dress and also can check blood pressure. Third was telling, my mom about her successful daughter who was working in some bank and earning big bucks and about the amount of gifts she gets by her brilliant daughter .I knew my mom temper was being inflated as she didn’t had anything to tell about her own daughter who was me and that I should be ready for another emotional ordeal once I reach home.

And then I couldn’t take it any more, without looking at my mom I like a 5 year old went and sat in a corner which was pretty relaxing as there was little noise and no mother to glare at me .Suddenly I had a realization about my own imperfections and I asked myself that would I give my life in exchange of getting hooked with some software engineer who was destined to leave to America in a month? Will I ever be happy on receiving the amount of gold sets and diamond given by the mother in law for sacrificing my own personal life? Will I ever be a good wife who never says no to her husband even when she see her self being sacrificed? Will I ever be able to carry expensive crockery without breaking it?, will I be comfortable on letting my husband go with male friends all the time leaving me at home ?will I be a good mom and will not make any mistakes ?will I be ok when I will not be me ?

NO, with every though I knew that I’ll never do or be what I was not …I am a woman who is ethically very strong ,who never had hurt anybody ,always tried though to learn things but was not perfect .I make mistakes but then I have a power to make many things right .I will burn my husbands breakfast ,will forget the bike keys ,will spill coffee on him and when I will be angry I will go to the best ice-cream parlor without informing my husband, will still meet my friends and will have fun .

And so it was time to make nishant aware of all the illusion he may have of me but I guess he knew .When I was consoling me on the phone while talking to him .He was smiling and reassuring me of how he is open to mess until one of them falls sick and have food poising and lefts no alternative but to eat soup and burnt bread but whatever happens we were partners for life who will make room for each other ,will select curtains together and if one of us doesn’t like it ,there will be room for arguments so the one of us get convinced. We will fight and I will be allowed to throw things at him at a deal that then I will have to give him TV remote if he gets hurt for a whole week. Even if too of us are too busy we will still manage to take a minute to stole a look at each other to smile and assure that we miss each other badly. We will have room for cheesy jokes and romance; we will have our laughter’s and pitfalls. We will have fights and our issues but we will always hold each other hands, even if one of us let it go the other one will still be holding it because marriages never makes us, its always us that makes marriages.

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