Sunday, March 7, 2010


We the people of India think we are most smartest creators of the universe and maybe that’s why it is so hard for us to understand the meaning of success .Yesterday while was on a chat which I absolutely disgust I happen to had a chance to talk to a old friend who wanted to know what’s going on In my life?, and so in a good deed I told him that I have started writing on which he pulled a sarcastic comment saying that I was academically brilliant and also added that he was not .Before I could even understand his rude comment I took it in a sweetest way and said thank you ,I know he must had a great laugh on it but what to do the trigger was pulled .So our conversation started and he pointed me with the fact that he didn’t like writers who don’t write for purpose ,adding on to it he also told me that he finded salaam Rushdie and Dan brown a good writer ,somehow I took it seriously and thought to myself that why people who don’t know what it takes to write 5000 words article has a power to condemn somebody of their knowledge .How can anybody give criticism on something they haven’t done .

Not that I am upset that it happened with me but I have had more issues .I m a girlfriend of a most brilliant army officer and he is the most generous and simple man I have come across, maybe you can say he is my idol .He taught me the value of small things in life ,he found what was good in me .Most of the times when I go out I meet people who tell me that fauji’s are unclear they don’t have mind just the body ,they like bloodshed, they are judgmental ,they don’t have heart .I was once asked by a dear friend “hope your man is not arrogant ,you know these fauji’s are terror ,they kill innocent people and don’t care about families …blah blah blah and so on, after 10 minutes I didn’t knew what came over me ,see the point is I am not good with speech I stumble with words but I have great acknowledgement of vocabulary when I jot down my thoughts on paper.

So when I started it came in most exclusive manner “listen sweetie, you stand here because my man and many others choose to give there younger years to sweat, rolling and difficult life, so that we can sleep safely in our beds .When you cleared your boards he was filling a form for NDA ,when you got the key for your car by your dad in honor of scoring 65%,he was sitting in a sad office for his SSB ,a young boy who was frightened but passionate to get into the force ,when you were sitting in café house sipping coffee and eating sandwiches ,he was exhausted by the 10 km run and was eating biscuits because he was late for his dinner .

when your father was paying your donation for joining medical college ,he was sending money to his dad .when you were having candle light dinner with your second boyfriend ,he was sleeping with a picture of his girl wishing he could just hear her voice .When you were clubbing and having pinacolada listening to a rock song with your friends ,his place was under heavy bombardment , when you were sitting with popcorn in your hand watching another disgusting war movie and commenting on the peaceful earth ,he was sitting in the rain tired ,hungry ,with his rifle wondering will he see his mom again .

You see a young woman in white saree looking terrible and you make joke to your friends on how ugly she looks, c’mon guys she should be happy to get medal from the President, at least she should have wore something nice she is on television, and why is she is overreacting, isn’t why is husband joined army?, yeah he joined to save his country. Have you ever wondered how does it feel to wait for your man only to see him wrapped in a flag followed by men in uniform, he was suppose to come back for holidays but he choose to never come at all .She doesn’t want medal ,she just wants her husband back.

And about not caring for his woman ,well then how come he remembers every lock in my curls ,he knows about every scar in my body ,he walks in heavy rain and snowfall just to give me a call ,he buys a bike and put my name on the papers. He hides me when he see someone giving me dirty looks .He carries me in front of 100 men without shame when I have broken my sandals. He lets me wipe my nose when I have extensive cold without getting worried that he will ruin his new shirt. He stands outside waiting till I don’t come out of job interview with my heart broken .He kiss me and loves looking at me while I am asleep. He lets me win when he know that it will bring me happiness .He thinks I am beautiful when I have messy hairs and dirty cloths .He sends me a message when I least expect it , telling me how much he loves me .

After that I never heard from her, I was called snobbish and the news around was that I was ill-mannered, proud and dumb. This is the first time I am writing this article for purpose, to all those who thinks that army is all about money and fancy parties. It is not ,it is a family where we take care of each other in unit .Its about wives gossiping with each other, running to the senior lady for help when these husbands are not around .It is about running without slippers to the co-officers wife informing about his husband well being when the lines are cut off .Its about getting late up in night when there is a knock on the door and you see another lady holding two cups of coffee ,wanting to talk and you love it because it comforts to find out that you are not alone .Its about calling other to tie a saree for ladies meet. Moreover army is about being there for each other in thick and thin, it’s about team work. A saying that “we will always be there when you want us and we will watch your back buddy, nothing will happen when we are around”. It’s about you and me.


  1. Army is about sacrificing your family for your country.When everyones father is there during their board exams,a Col commaneds his batallion in Counter insurgency Operations just to hear that his son hasnt fared well in Class 10th exam.When other parents rush their children immediately to hospital when injured,that Colnol can just hear the cry of his son on phone and say that "country is above all".When all sleep in ACs in summer,soldiers fight the Kal Baisakhis in North so that our borders are safe.list is endless.

  2. Its not everyday u wake up ur eyes and hear that ur dad has fallen prey to terrorist bullets.The feeling of receiving a matrys body in Tiranga is great but the apathy shown by some sections within the family and the government is pathetic.It pinches when u see the friends of your father sitting in one/two star ambassadors!Only the families know how they feel when they see a person in uniform!