Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hi guys ....we the students of Delhi have decided to reform the ways of our society .you will think we are mad but some of us have to come forward. Yesterday I and some of my creative friends went to Hazrat Nizamuddin and every where we looked around there where cheap romantic display spread on all walls of our favorite Indian heritage.”Vinod I love you", or "asha I’ll die without you” or Ritu and prakash forever and forever ", we all were disgusted and the irony was that in our country Renaissance never took a magical start or even ending. Renaissance was started in Italy and took the world on the glorifying and extraordinary heights but our country never understood how important our history is, we do not lack the poise or the creativity it’s just that we never understood the relativity of valuable past and present. How much time does it take to accomplish small things? ,there are wonders you can do with the power of unity .Hold a meet ,get this idea to your own student faculty and the arts department .Carry spray paints and the brushes and give 1 hour everyday to renovate everything which is around you .We cannot stop public from peeing everywhere but definitely we can start with all the educated lots to understand the concept of public loos and toilets .Do not use your pee power to create artifacts but do try to make people understand that’s these things are not cool and do not make us uplifting human beings .It may be funny at first but if you really want a change then you will have to start taking it seriously .It may be a news to you but if you see the poles of metro stations, all the young kids of 6 or 7 age have put paintings on wall ,if you ever have time please do notice .I am not saying to damage metro station but I am asking to clean places which are virtually damaged .take a look at this video and if you really love the country who made you what you are today then my words will work like magic .Remember it not only army who can protect our country, Its us who can step forward to achieve the impossible and protect all that is only left .chao